Video Testimonials

"Really Happy And Pleased"

They were very attentive and did everything they could to get everything done on time.

They have really good quality craftsmanship and really good ideas about how to design the kitchen and the cabinetry, as well as the stonework. Just really happy and pleased.

I'm especially happy with the attention to what I needed and how quickly it was done.

Debra Hatcher
Lake Worth, FL


Chris And Ms. Hatcher

"They Have Really Good Quality Craftsmanship"

"They Have Done An Incredible Job"

Hi, I'm Amy McGill, I'm one of their customers. They have done an incredible job in my kitchen from start to finish.

They have been responsive, every time I've called or text, they reply immediately. They were out here when they said they would be, on top of it.

They have a great selection of granite. They did an amazing job fabricating it and made my kitchen absolutely beautiful. Thank you guys so much.

I recommend them highly for anyone redoing their kitchen.

Amy McGill
Home Owner

Finished Work


Clovis, Ms. McGill And Adilson

"They Did An Amazing Job Fabricating It"
"I Recommend Them Highly For Anyone Redoing Their Kitchen."

"They Did A Great Job"

Really really pleased, they did a great job. I think really good pricing but the quality of the work really pleased.

I think probably the thing that I want to point out the most that I think there's an art to this is, I had a total of 7 slabs in the kitchen, and they've really been able to pick out the ones that really showcase the beauty of the stone.

Like a said, I think there's really an art to that and I think that really brings the beauty of the stones so very, very pleased with that work.

Ms. Lynda
Boca Raton, FL

Finished Work


Clovis, Mr. Lynda And Adilson

"The Quality Of The Work Really Pleased."
"They've Really Been Able To Pick Out The Ones That Really Showcase The Beauty Of The Stone."

"The Job Is Excellent"

"I finally got on Craigslist, I had, maybe five, six people come in to look for the job, and you guys gave me the best price. Not only the best price but the best quality of work.

You guys came and did the templates, made sure everything was perfect. The timing was excellent, even though it was two, three weeks out, you guys, within seven days, and you guys come in here did everything.

Everything is done. Good job, it's excellent. You guys did a great job. I recommend it to anybody who wants to do Quartz, Granite. Very responsible guys and great work."

Mr. Jose
Home Owner


Adilson, Mr. Jose And Clovis

"You Guys Did A Great Job"

"He Did A Great Job"

"He did a good job. We called him out, he came out, he measured. We picked a color within a week he came in and installed it. In one day they transformed my house!"

You recommend us to your friends, everybody?

"Yes, I do. And he gave us a great price. We had several prices, and he did a great job. Thank you!"

Ms. Lisa
Home Owner

Finished Work


Clovis, Ms. Lisa And Adilson

"He Gave Us A Great Price"

"I Love Your Job"

I recommended you to my sister-in-law. Thank You. I love your job!

Ms. Nancy
West Palm Beach, FL


Adilson And Ms. Nancy

"I Recommended You To My Sister-In-Law"

Job Done

"They Did A Perfect Job"

It's perfect. It's exactly what I wanted. Everything came out perfect. They did a perfect job. Everything's great.

Everything came up perfect. The price is perfect too. So everything, whoever comes here and does work from them, is going to be happy, real happy.

It's cheap, they're very cheap and is affordable, very affordable. And the time? Amazing. It finished super fast, efficient and everything looks brand new. Everything looks perfect.

Mr. Eddie
Home Owner


Clovis, Mr. Eddie And Adilson

"they're Very Cheap And Is Affordable"
"It Finished Super Fast, Efficient"

Finished Work

"These Guys Are The Best You Can Hire"

If you have a job out there for a granite countertop these guys are the best you can hire.

They are on time, good price and that's the quality of the work.

Mr. Franca
General Contractor


Adilson, Mr. Franca And Clovis

"They Are On Time, Good Price"

Job Done

"Excellent Job"

Excellent [job], from start to finish. Customer service is on point. Came out, they did the job, gave the pricing. Measured everything out, verified the sink and they were here within a week. I couldn't be happier. I love it.

Do you recommend us?

Yes, definitely.

Ervince Joseph
Fort Lauderdale, FL


Clovis, Mr. Joseph And Adilson

"I Couldn't Be Happier. I Love It."

"Really Good Work"

About the project:

It was very good. I was happy, and you did a really good price, really good work, it's clean, it's installed as promised.

I definitely recommend your services. Thank You!

Josh Shapiro
Home Owner


Clovis, Mr. Shapiro And Adilson

"I Definitely Recommend Your Services."

Job Done

"7 Diamonds Is The Best."

7 Diamonds is the best. I've met these guys off the internet. They came in, did the measurement, and they told me they would be back.

The way they do the job is: they got in here, they didn't take more than half-hour. They are very professional. The way they handled everything... You'll love them to do everything for you.

I'll recommend you guys. The way they do their job is perfect. Time [timeframe], you can't beat them.

We had other guys come here, and they wanted to install 2 pieces, which would leave a seam here and here [2 parts of the countertop near the sink]. In the future, I would see the granite seam. 7 Diamonds Granite & Marble came in and did in one shot, one piece as you can see, perfect. I'll recommend you guys.

Mr. Ronan
Deerfield Beach, FL

Finished Work


Clovis, Mr. Ronan And Adilson

"They Are Very Professional."
"I'll Recommend You Guys."

"The Counters Came Out The Way We Expected."

It's great! The counters came out the way we expected.

You can see the way the backsplash matches the grey of the stone. It looks great! I recommend you guys. Thank You!

Don Dialing
Home Owner


Adilson, Mr. Dialing And Clovis

"It Looks Great!"
"I Recommend You Guys."

"I Highly Recommend 7 Diamonds"

I just wanna thanks 7 diamonds for this amazing work and countertop. I highly recommend 7 diamonds for any viewer, thank you Adilson.



Steve And Adilson

"Amazing Work"